Special Occasions

Whether it’s a special birthday, graduation or a Super Bowl party, we at Gourmet M.D. can make it a special occasion. Every specific detail will be discussed with you. From flowers, decorations and food, no aspect of your party overlooked.
We also specialize in game night parties. We bring the games, you play and win prizes. There are many games from which to choose: Running Charades, Mafia, 6 Degrees, Pulse and even, The Chocolate Game. Gourmet M.D. will make your party a fantastic one.

Special Occasion Parties

Super Bowl/Sports Night
Brunch/Breakfast Parties
Garden and Green Parties
Southern BBQ
Italian Feast
Mexican Fiesta
Spanish Tapas
Asian Fusion
Game Night/Carnival
Sweet 16/Kids Night
Comfort Food
Wine Tasting